Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Pony Express Ride In Nevada

Good afternoon to all you fine folks out there. Hope you all are having a good week-end, as I am not.
So let us do the blog on a ride DesertDale took me on, on our way back to Antelope, Ca., which was a very enjoyable adventure following the "Pony Express Trail" in Nevada.
"Pony Express" only lasted from April 1860 tom Oct. 1861. The riders delived the mail from Sacramento,Ca. to St. Joseph, Missouri. It took them about 10 days and there was 1800 mlies of riding. Which included the high moutain deserts here in Nevada.
It was the first express mail line going across the U.S.
As you ride along the route you will see remnants of the Pony Express that are visible on much of the route through Nevada.
It did go through Silver Springs,Nv. where they have a real fine boondocking sight.
Oh! Yes I must say the road is very hard to fine in spots, plus it is a "very rough" ride.
(must thank Gogggle for a couple of the photos.)
Desertdale Called and said he was done with his outing and heading back to his
"Lady in Waiting".

"Hello Leann and Kent" From The Kitfoxgal

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