Monday, May 31, 2010

Awning Repair Plus Memoorial Day Fun

Hello to all my fine readers. I bet you thought I forgot you, will I did not as DesertDale has been doing a good job of keeping me busy. As you can see by the photos a wind storm had the gall to blow and tear the awning over the big slide out.
It was a pain calling Camping World to order one so Kitfoxgal made one. As you can see DesertDale took it off and I made one. It only took some 4 hours to do it but it got done. We even used our 50lb "spider wire" fishing line to sew it with. That line even came in handy for something else beside fishing. Even if I say so my self it turned out pretty darn good. Boy!! Did my finger get sore.
I even had the thrill of seeing someone bare side!!!! "Hum, Hum, Good."
Part 2
The Indianaplis 500 was great. Love to watch it plus the fun we had at Chris and Doug's . As we watch it at their place every year sence Chris had won a 40" Big Screen T.V. What a fine pitcure they have on it.
DesertDale made his "famous bean dip" for all of us. We also just happen to have a few drinks floating around.
As you can see Champ, the dog and Sam the turkey helped keep things moving. Those two animals bark and fight with each other all the time. They have had the turkey for years now. He is one fine pet.
I did miss having my son David and his family. Plus my daughter Terry and her family. But they have their familys now and do things with them. They don't need "Old Mom" hanging around all the time.
Here are a few photos of that event.

Take care and enjoy life. Kitfoxgal

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