Friday, June 04, 2010

Home For The "Mom" Dove

Good morning to all.
We had a event that is now happening at Robert's work shop. As you can see Robert working at making arrows. Off to the left of him are some windows and that is where the "Mom Dove" made her home.
She never gets off that nest, no mater how much noise is being made. "Mom Dove" pays no attention to what or who happen to be around the area. As you can see she has one little one poking its head out from under her wing.
Robert has started leaving the door open so the family can fly away when ever she, they, are ready to fly away.
Doves are fast-flying birds with small heads and a low cooing voice. She usually have 2 2ggs at a time.
About 45 million are killed by hunters each year. "Here is hoping those hunters chock on every bite.
Baby Doves take off flying at about 10 to 14 days after hatching.

Here is another site we enjoy at our "Happy Hour" brakes, under the shade trees at Robert and Olivia's

These are "American Goldfintes" that are viewing their selfs in the mirrors of Bob Brewer's truck, witch is parked there for at Robert's home in Rio Linda.
They visit the mirrors daily. Pecking at their images on the mirrors.
The "American Goldfinch" are a small yellow bird with black wings. With the tail and forehead are also black.
They are distinguished fro other small olive-yellow birds, like the worbler, by their short, conical bills. They are usually in weeds, dandelions on lawns, roadsides, woods and feeders.

What a enjoyment it has been at Robert and Olivia's place. I want to "Thank them so much for their generosity." We have enjoyed so much since we have been there.

We will be on our way to Pollcok Pines, CA. We will be visiting Tammie and her family for a few days. By the way Tammie is DesertDale older daughter.

Enjooy life as we do. Kitfoxgal

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