Monday, June 07, 2010

Albacore Dinner On The Road

Good morning folks. What a beautiful site we have once again. This is the home of DesertDale's daughter, Tammie and her family, at Pollock Pines, Ca. They grow everything they eat at this site. DesertDale did one fine job of parking our rig. They even have a bear that comes to visit now and then.

As you can see "The Master Chef" is cooking albacore for the crew of 7. Believe me it is "A1 Yummy". As some of you, out there, know what it taste likes.

The family is waiting very patiently for their "albacore dinner" to be served by the chef. We also had potato salad, fruit salad, tomatoes and shephearders bread, plus drinks.

We had one little surprise this morning. DedertDale left his shoes out side, by the door, as we do often. Low and behold, they were gone this morning. We found out there is a dog around the area that likes to burrie anyhting he finds. So now the the job is to see were he burried them.

We had a fine little walk, bright and early this morning.

Enjoy life as it comes to you . Kitfoxgal

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