Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ride Over Hwy. 50!!!! Heading to Bend, OR.

Ride Over Hwy. 50!!!! Heading For Bend.OR.

Hello to all my readers out there. We are on the road once again.
We left Pollock Pines about 5a.m. Daylight was showing up there in that sky.

What a beautiful ride it was over Hwy. 50 to Lake Tahoe. We pasted the fire area, at Kyburz a few years ago. It is not looking to bad. Some trees are green.
Got into Carson City . Then hit the "Old Lincoln Highway". Then on to Gerlach.

Boy!!! Is ever good to be on the road once again.

Went through Silver Springs and forgot to call Dick and Kay.

We had the pleasure of seeing Pyramid Lake once again. It is on SR.447. It was nice to see once again out in this vast desert, in Nevada. DesertDale was over this route some 35 years ago.
Will be posting a better photo, when I get it loaded.

We finally found a site about 10 miles from Gerleach, NV.
(thanks to maps world for the photo.)

The wild flowers are all around us now in some areas . Sure do enjoy seeing them once again.

The sun is hiding behind some clouds so will sign off for now, Kitfoxgal

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