Friday, June 11, 2010

Poato Valley Camp Site

Poato Valley Camp Site
Hello to all of you "fine" readers out there, in this land of beauty.
We have been near the Winnemucca Dry Lake for a few days. It is about 25 miles long and up to 5 miles wide.
It is one fine site. We will be back next year, I am sure. Also lots of trails for DesertDale to ride his KTM. He said there are some mighty good ones around.

There are many things to see while there. Such as: 1. Humboldt Wildlife Area 2. Fallon National Wildlife Refuge 3. Stillwter Wildlife Refuge 4. Gante Springs Valley 5. Pyramid Lake Marina and Ranger Station 6. Pyramid Lake. 7. Smoke Creek Desert 8. Wild viewing area 9. BLM National Wild Horses and Burro Center. Oh! yes there are even a few Gulf Courses around.

Make sure you have enough supplies, as we did, because nothing is close by. One other thing Reno is only about 100 miles away. Ha! Ha!

Folks we will be heading to our next site at Eagleville, Ca. in the morning

Take care. Kitfoxgal

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