Saturday, June 12, 2010

The 447 Adventure To Surprise Valley

Good afternoon to all my readers out there.
I must say we have having our share of the wind. Been setting for a few days as it has been doing it's job of blowing. As DesertDale says "It's better to set and wait it out, then get blowen off the road."
The trip on State 447 was a slow ride, as the road was narrow and twisty. But it was well worth it. The scenery was more then been fantasic .
We hit the Gerlach-Cedarville summit, then down we went for about 10 miles. Like the rest of our trip on the 447 we went only about 45mph. It was slow going most of the way.
Then as you can see we hit Surprise Valley, with cattle grazing away on that beautiful green pasture.
We seen birds and even a "marmot". We had the thrill of seeing Lower Alkalie, Middle Alkalie and Upper Alkalie Lkes all from the road.
We hit Eagleville, CA., where out next site was at the "big airstrip". We found no planes near by or not much of a run-way. But it sure was a great site for "boondocking".

Surprise Valley is setting between Warnens Mountain Ranger in California and Hayes Range in Nevada.
There are 4 histoic towns in the area: Cedaville, Eagleville, Fort Bidwell and Lake City.
Cattle ranching and alfalfa is the local economy. They even still have cattle drives taking place. They also have the event they call a "A Super Bull Rodeo".
The "frog" photo are from Tammie's home in Pollock Pines, our last stop. Those little frogs came out at night and made the longest and loudest noise you can imagine. By morning they were gone. They just came around the swimming pool were the water wasat night, thne took cover when it got light. Cute little deviels.

Now we are on our way north on 447 to 395, to Bend.
Tried to find a site, for the night, at Ana Reservoir but no go. Took the wrong turn and did not go back. So boondocking at a nice gravel pit. Not bad as we could get behind a big hill of sand, hiding us from the road.
Now we got set up before the "Drags" came on. Enjoy watching them. Kitfoxgal

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