Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bend, OR. Is Going To Be One Mighty Adventure

Goog morning to all you fine folks out there.
First of all I what to show you this mighty fine dog, "Rocky". He goes every where with John. Even taks a ride down to get the paper in the mornings.
Will folks so far, sence we left Antelope, CA. it has been one interesting adventure. The weather has be "-00-rating" not much good. But it has improved, cool mornings but afternoons nice.
We did have one very fine day at our site near Summer Lake.
Summer Lake is in the Fremont National Forest. With a very nice "Wild Life" area. It has many shore birds and water fowls. It is very injoyable area.

Now our stay in Bend will be at DesertDale's Aunt Frances and Uncle John's home, on 5 acres.
What a fine dinner Frances had for us on our first night there. "Yumm, Yumm Good." Biscuits and gravey and all the trimmings.Plus home made "Banana Cream Pie".
John and Frances are 2 fine peole. Love them both.

Bend has more then 77,000 people living there. The U.S. Forest is surrounding it. The climate is mild summer days and cool nights, I mean cool.
It was a lumber settlement first, now a urban center in Deschutes County.

I all most forgot to say "Hello to Johnny". He is John and Francies's son. He lives on the ranch with them, in his trailer, to look afert their needs. He is a painter by trade. His business is going good.

It is getting time to go in town, to shop, so "By-By" for now. Plus my wash is getting rady to tend to. Kitfoxgal

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