Thursday, June 17, 2010

Milligan Valley OHV Trail System

Good morning to all. I must say it is one fine day for a move to Millican OHV Area for DesertDale to get that meaness out of his system, just kidding of course, " He is sweet as apple pie".

The Millican Valley is one great place for the OHV's. We are at the Alfalfa Cours OHV Staging Area.

You need a ATV Sticker, spark arrester on your ATV , a 99 decibed sound limit and travel on designed route only. Plus make sure you take out what you bring in. In the staging area keep speed to 5mph. You follow all those rules that is posted and it a great place.
There is lots of room for your motorhome and a fire pit here and there you well find.
You even have some "little criters running around.

So far the weather is holding up. Few clouds and no wind.

Here is a web site:, boy that is some web site address. After I post this I well see if that site works. Of course if you go to this site will work.
DesertDale is back from his ride and time for lunch. Hope he enjoyed it. It has been awhile sence he road last.

We had one fine visit at John and Francis's home, in Bend. We will be back there in a few days. As we are leaving our rig there, while we make a run to the Sacramento area on business.

DesertDale is back from his ride and time for lunch. Hope he enjoy his ride.

Have and enjoy life. Kitfoxgal

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