Sunday, July 04, 2010

4th of July Fun At Bull Pine Lane

The house Lenann's folks built.

Hello to all you fine folks. Hope your 4th was as enjoyable as ours was, here at Camp Bull Pine Lane.
This is a short report but sweet.
Robins all over the site. We had one large, enjoyable crowd on the 4th. They all had campers, autos, boats, and dogs. They enjoy campfires at night plus dancing at the club house.
The men are cooking the "turkey" for to night.
Just some of the camp sites that the kids has set up.
More camp sites.
DesertDale walking down to the lake.
Campfire site.
Leann at the docks.
Getting ready to lay carpet in the "Club House".
The sweet men that help lay the carpet.
Some of the Famliy getting ready for "Happy Hour".
Last but not least the 2 "Great Fisher" persons fish at the docks. We all had to go hungry at dinner because the fish was not bitting.

Oh! What a joyus 4th of July we had, as we sat by the lake side and watched the fireworks go off. It was one spectacular display. Even more so then at Cal-Expo in Calfiornia.

Hope you all had as much fun as the "Bull Pine Road" Gang had. Kitfoxgal

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