Saturday, July 03, 2010

"Kootenai Falls"Adventure and More

The "Master" planning our next trip to Kootenai Falls.

First stop was this restaurant in Trout Creek. I must say it is one of the best I have been at. The food was A1, the view great, the decor was magnificent and the management was excellent. After lunch "on with the adventure.

The Noxon Dam is in the lower Clark Fork River Valley. The dam makes a lake of about 30 miles long known as "the Noxon Rapids Reservoir".

As you can see the Kootenai Falls are one set of "mannificent" set of falls.

The is two of the bridges that we had to use on our adventure. Never want to use those again as they were not fun to use. But there was so much to view such as wild flowers, the ferns was a beauty to se, many birds, squirrels, bears, martens. All was much enjoyed.

One more magnificent adventure to mark down.
Oops!!! I almost forgot to say a few things about the Ross Creek Crdars. Many of the trees are over 200 years old. In 1860 the grove was set aside as a protected area. Many of the sites have been named: "The Rock Slide", "Cedar Chimmey", The Twins" and many more. The ferans are all around and beatiful.
Don't miss it if you ever get to the area.
Well folks it a misty morning and cool. As there are many people that has sowen up for the 4th during the night. Tents and rigs and autos of the family are here to enjoy. Kitfoxgal

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