Thursday, July 01, 2010

Trout Creek, Montana and More

Good afternoon folks. It is a little on the cloudy side but warm. I enjoyed the "Happy Hour" times at Kent's rig, at Trout Creek. 47.836N. 115.597W. The elevation is 2372ft. The county is Sanders. It is nestled in the Clark Fork River Valley.
The scenery is fantastic. Attracting wild life of all kinds, campers, wild life vewing is great, hunting for berries and mushrooms picking are out standing. There also are trout, bass and water sports on the Clark Fork River.

Glacier National Park, Ross Creek Cedars, Gave's Creek Falls are just a few things to enjoy.
It is proclimed to be The "Hucleberry Capital" of the world.

Leann's father, Jim and Aunt Dawn took us for a ride on their houseboat with "First Mate Kent" running the boat.

We seen a few of Beaver Dams that they have built. Then we must have seen a couple of dozen "blue heron", deer, ducks and even a "Eagle" setting at the edge of the lake with a fish that it just caught.
I all most forgot about the Osprays bird we had the pleasure of seeing on our ride.

Could not have asked for a nicer day. No wind and the sun was out. We must have been saliling around the "Noxon Res." for 3 or 4 hours.
Jim, Ruth and Dawn are the proud owners of this site at Trout Creek. "I would like to "Thank them from the bottom of my heart for the time they have let us park our rig here. "THANK YOU".

Beth Ann and Shashi just arrived to enjoy Trout Creek.

Boy! I got lucky. Leann jsut arrived from her to D.C.

Have a good day, as we are and well have. Kitfoxgal

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