Friday, July 23, 2010

"Pollock Pines", Home Sweet Home

Good morning folks. DesertDale treated me to breakfast this morning at the "Sportmans Hall" here in Pollock Pines. It is a very comfortable place to eat, clean, food and service is good.
It was known as "The Twelve Mile House". It became a relay station back in the 1850's.
It is "Historical Landmark #704.
Pollock Pines, Ca. is in county of El Dorado. It was the only overnight stop for the
"Pony Express" riders. The postoffice was establish in 1936.
It was named after one of the first families that settle there.
They do have a flea market every month in the summer as it gets mighty cold there in the winter.
There are RV Parks and campgrounds near by.
DesertDale doing a mighty fine job of cleaning the bugs from the windshield of the motorhome. That is after our drive on 97, through the Klamath River area.
This is just part of our drive way to our site.
Now it will soon to be time to leave our site at the end of this beautiful road. Enjoy the ride on it, every time we go into town.

Must see the doctor in Roseville to get the stichs out of my "sweet" face. Ha!Ha!
Then on up to the Donner Lake area to watch the "Motorcycle Trails".
Enjoy life. Kitfoxgal

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