Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Delay In Our Moving On

Hello to all. I must show this photo of Lake Tahoe. Now I will let you in on how we got to this point.

We were already saying our good-bys to HooDo, Jenny, Tammie and Greg. Then heading for the "Motorcycle Trails" at Donner Lake.
DesertDale had plans to meet his "Old Time Buddy", Paul there. Paul now lives in the Phillippines. He travles over to the U.S.now and then, as he also owns proprety at Donner Lake

DesertDale called the company he order our new seats from. They said the seats would be sent in about a week. So we were at Tammie and Greg's site saying our "Good-bys" when a Fed-Ex truck pulled up.

What do you think that Fed-Ex truck had, I will be damn if it was not our new seats. The company had just told DesertDale, not over a hour ago, saying they would come in about a week. So good thing we did not leave. But it also saved some extra driving, so I guess we can not bitch to much.

So Greg and DesertDale helped to unload the chairs.
Boy! Did DesertDale move his little "butt" and a trip into town for parts. It took him only a couple of hours to install them. What a different it has made inside the motorhome. He did a marvellous job at installing them.
Now I can actually set close enough to hold hands with him when we watch TV, just like at the movies.
After the job, the next morning, by 10a.m., we were heading for our next enterainmentsite, of the "Motorcycle Trails"

I will let you know on the next posting how the "Trails" turned out. Kitfoxgal

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