Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Ride Into The Unknown

DesertDale took me on one of his rides again. I have lived in this area for years now and never have been over this old "Highway 40".
This route is no longer a official route in the states of California, Nevada or Western Utah. There are many area it is still in use.
Many sections carry the following names: Lincoln Highway and Victory Highway.
The part between Sacramento to Reno was known as " Big Ben Route".
It also passes through Truckee where there are shops restaurants and of course the railroad that goes right through town.
This is just a view of the bridge that is part of the Highway 40.

As you can see DesertDale is busy working on his "old" bike. He wants to make sure it is good shape before he sends it to his son, Ken, back in North Carolina.

Our camp site at the Lakeside was excellent. There where restroom, water and great neighbors. The "Host" did her job well. The "fishing" was good. The trout was making sure they were going to be on the fishermen dinner plates that night.
We even had the pleasure of seeing balloons fly over head in the mornings.
We even had a surprise visit from my daughter, Terry and her friend , Johnnie. They have a "Tear Drop" rig and are going to start small trips with it. Johnnie is having the pleasure of fixing it up.
Even through we had a excellent camp site I still don't like them as well as the wide open sites we usually have.
Enjoy life. Kitfoxgal

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