Monday, August 02, 2010

National Motorcycle Trails At Donner Ski Ranch

Hello folks. This is only one of several photos I am posting . As I want to show all of you out there what you all missed seeing at the "Trails". DesertDale has did it once again, showing me what I have been missing all these years. It was a fantastic site, believe me. Everyone of those person look great, I mean the men look the best to me.
Now lets see if I can post the right they to each photo.
One rider is jumping to a rock. If he makes it, there is a 90 degree turn the left and down he goes.

Each jump is a different type of manever.
Each manever is different then the last one.
The motorcycle trails is a non-speed event. A trails-motorcycle are extremely light weight. They have no seats and the suspension is short.

The event is in sections where the riders go through an obstacle course, while trying not to touch the ground.
The scores are 1,2,3, or 5. The winner is the one with the lowest score. Some events are timed.
The trails teaches throttle control, balance and machine control.

They were held on Sept. 31 and Aug.1 at Donner Ski Ranch. I also had the pleasure of meeting Mr. & Mrs. Paul Minor,who owns a cabin at Donner Lake, Linda, Paul sister and of course Paul Jr. Paul Jr. is a old time friend of DesertDale.

We made it to Rome, Oregon today. DesertDale found us a great site from the "Days End". Then On to Boise in the morning, where DesertDale well be the proud owner of a 2011 KTM.

I most close the posting now, as my tummie says it is time to eat. Kitfoxgal

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