Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Owyhee River Adventure

Good afternoon folks. We have a "big problem", "modem" went down on us. Had to order a new one. Hughes well send it to our site at Boise. So we will be here for awhile. Still waiting for DesertDale's new KTM, also. So while only post when I get a change too. One good thing, we can get mail here. Ha!!!!

This was our site at the Rome Launch site, at Rome, Or., near the Owyhee River.

A kayaking company had a trip planed here at Lower Owyhee. They are out of "Horseshoe Bend, Idaho. It well be a 5 to 7 day kayaking trip through "The Grand Canyon of the Northwest". They well have a group of boys from Abacortes, WA. with them.
The trip well be about 50 miles long. It will have great scenery, swift rapids, amazing slot canyons and petroglyphs to see.
The group of boys, ooops, I should say "young men" are the ones from Anacortes, WA.

They all, about 25 total, camped overnight at our site at the Rome Launch site. As you can see the have their "kayaks" ready for their trip in the morning. That of course after they had their breakfast, out in the camp site.

The director of the Youth Dynamics at Horseshoe Bend, ID. is Paul Spence at yd.org.

Like I said before we have problems with our modem . So not sure when we well be posting or moving on to our next site.
Hope to see you all sometime down the road. Kitfoxgal

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