Sunday, August 08, 2010

Big Wood River Adventure

Good morning to all you fine folks out there.
We are near the Big Wood River, at the "Stanton Crossing Campground".
We are still waiting for DesertDale's bike. Just got tired of being parked in the back of Bob's KTM shop. So he told us about this site near the Big Wood River, about 150 miles from Boise. It has turned out to be a great site to park for 10 days. It is a "Sport's Man Access' on 75, out of Boise.
It sure was a hot, hot day when we got on the road. As we were driving along on 75 you could see lava rocks for miles and miles. We passed the "Magic Reservoir", Magic Dam and the Magic Caves. It was hotter then h--- and we were tired, so did not stop this time around.
Oops, I almost for got to say that is is one of the first time DesertDale left without a bike. "Poor Babe". As he has been getting ready to send his "old KTM" to his , son Ken.

Here at "Stanton Crossing" the fishing is good. The report is from Trout Unlimited. The sites are many, with some lots shaded and some are not. They have bathrooms, but no water. You haul your trash out. There is no fee, just have to move in 10 days.
There are trails all around for the Motorcycles and Quads.
Birds can be seen now and then.
The Big Wood River is good enough to swim in,as some of the campers take a dip now and then.

Hope to see some of you fine "Boondockers" down the road before to long. Kitfoxgal

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