Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Picabo, ID. Trip To Adventure

Good morning folks. We have had rain for the last few days. The sun wants to hide on us. So will post this blog fast. DesertDale will be doing the spell check when the sun comes out again.

(this photo was taken from Google) I did not have a view of the area, that was any good. Fishing is good in "Big Wood River".

This is a photo of a hawk ,that just keeps flying over head. He landed in one of the trees just on other side of our site. What a thrill it was watching him.

This is just one of the "Sportsmens Access site that are around the area.
The elevation here is 4839ft. It is in Blaine Co., on Hwy.20. It does have a gas station and a post office combined and even a small airport.
Silver Creek is known by fly fisermen. Also was a favorite of Earnest Hemingway,who enyoyed hunting and fishing in the area.
Picabo comes from the Indians which means "silver creek". The fish hatchy is just off of 20.
This one of the other "Sportsmens Access" sites. We are in one of their sites also. They are sure a nice site to park for 10 days, that is if you want to stay that lomg.

Picabo Street is a famous skier that came from Triumph, not fare away from the community of Picabo, ID.

The sun is out for a short time. Kitfoxgal

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