Friday, August 13, 2010

A Ride To Magic Reservoir And More

Good Morning folks.
DesertDale took me on a ride the other day to see the area around Magic Reservoir. We have been so busy with DesertDale's "New KTM" I just now got time to post the adventure. Belive me it was good as always.
DesertDale has just about have his new KTM ready to ride. Plus he does have the "Old Baby" ready to be ship to his son, Ken, back in North Carolina.
Hope he enjoys it as much as DesertDale has.

Prospectors arrived in the area when the mining boom started in the 1862.
The first farmers arrived in 1879.

(photo from google)Magic Reservoir was constructed in 1909. It is a BLM prodject. The fishing is great, that is in a boat. It is 14,000 acres of water. Also good for water skiing. It has some 9 sites for camping. It is on Hwy. 20 and 75.
It is also a very good area for bird watching. There are 3 small island, that are near the dam, That is good nesting sites.. Best time is late March.

Magic City is on one side . Then West Magic City is on the other side. The roads are ok but not for a motorhome of our size.

Not many trees but lots and lots of "Sage Bruch"is around.

We should be on the road about Sunday. Heading for a "Hot Springs" some place in Nevada. Out in the wide open space.

Enjoy life. Kitfoxgal

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