Sunday, August 15, 2010

We Are On THe Road Again Whoopi!!!!

This our good "old site" at Spencer's Hot Springs. We will be here about a week, that is if the mules don't run us off.
We were on the road at 12:45p.m., that is late for DesertDale. He also has is new KTM it tow.
Heading for Spencer's on 55 south, were corn is growing all around.
The main thing is corn in non-fating, so enjoy.
They also have found pot growing in the corn fields in Idaho.

We have crossed over into Oregon on It was one "s----" section of Hwy. 95 in Idaho. Oregon's 95 did improve some. We passed "Succor State Park". Getting late, so we did not stop.
Jordan Creek was a sight after seeing no water for miles around. Jordan valley is a neat little town. Even the diesel was high. Plus their hay is in rolls, not bales.
You could still see snow on the high mountain tops.

Then on to Burns Junctions, where there sure was not much there. If you closed your eyes, you might have missed seeing it.
Made it to Blue MT. Pass, high 5293 ft. Then on we go for a nights rest, as it was getting late for us "young folks" like us. I did get my "beauty rest" as when you get to be "young at heart like me" you need it.

We were back on the road at 6a.m. Boy! DesertDale gave me a big surprise, he treated me to breakfast at McDermitt. He said I deserved it since I was so good last night. But we did have to wate on that "breakfast" until we got to Winnemucca.

We did have the pleasure of seeing a heard of "antelope" plus deers on the road way.

Being that we are planning on being here at Spencer's for about a week, it gives DesertDale lots of time to break in his "new KTM", as there is some good riding in the area.

I almost forgot to say how these "fine Burrows" woke us up at night, with their braying right out by our rig at Spencers.


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