Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spencer Hot Springs Adventure

Good morning folks.

We are still at "Spencer Hot Springs". It is so nice to be setting in the hot tub in the evening hours. The "bats" will come supping down to the water, then get a drink and then fly off. The "Night Hawks" will do the same except they are looking for something to eat. We will be setting right there in the water, when all this is going on. Plus we get a great shoot of the stars and moon.

Spencer's is about 12 miles east of Austin, NV.
The "Springs" consists of 3 sites. They say there is the 4th, but never have found it.
The lower one is next to a abandoned swimming pool, that has been bulldozed. It is now divered to the metal watering troughs. The temerature is around 105 or hotter. There is a way to conrol the hot water that comes into it.
One spring is 5 by 7 and 3 feet deep. It a great site for bathing.
You have many areas around to park your motorhome.
Nevada has aroun 312 knowen hot springs.

Then I surely don't want to forget to tell you about the "Burros" that visit us in the early, early morning hours.

There are around 108 burros south of HWY. 50. They are on the move throughtout the year, looking for food. They have 3 sourecs of water in the area: 1. Joe's Well
2.Burro Well 3. Spencer Hot Springs. All 3 are located in the same area. They are the only recored water sites for them. Their water needs are high in the summer time but decreases in the winter months.
They can breed throughtout the year.

DesertDale is just coming in, on a run with his KTM, as he has it all in shape, the way he wants it now. Must hurry and get that photo of him so I can post it. He did, at on time,work in a bike shop when he was not working at his regular job.

What beuitful morning has been We did go for a early morning dip in the Hot Tub,even before the sun was up.

Hope all you are enjoying life as much as this "old bird" is. Kitfoxgal

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