Friday, August 20, 2010

Denver's Comanche

Good morning to all, out there in this land of wonder.
Just have to show off my "Grandson Denver's,truck. It is his first vehicle. He just got it painted. He goes for his driver's test on the 30th. He is a "junior" at Del Oro High in Loomis, Ca. He also works part time with his Dad.

The truck is a "1989 Jeep Comanche". He needs to put the bumper and fender flares on it yet.
The Jeep Comanche is a version of the Cherokee,compact SUV. They were made in 1962 to 1992. The bed could be either 6ft or 7 ft..
During the production of the Comanche there was 6 different transmissions offered.
Chrysler has purchased AMC in 1987. When the sales dropped they planned for a discontinuation of the truck.
Denver is happy with the truck and that is what counts.

Now I bet you can not guess who that is in the hot tub enjoying his self. You guess it, it DesertDale, himself. When it got dark the "bats" even came down to visit him once again.
We made a early morning dip, that is the both of us and no bats.

See you down the road. Will be here at Spencer's until Monday. Kitfoxgal

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