Sunday, August 22, 2010

Diana's Punch Bowl and More

Good afternoon folks. I thought for awhile that DesertDale was not taking me on any more of those surprise rides. But "low and behold", he took me on one the morning to Diana's Punch Bowl. It was a great ride, as they all are.

We went for miles and miles ans saw only "sage brush".

Then all at once there was mile and miles of nothing but "junipers".

We did see a few wild flowers along the way. This is the "Blazing Star".
It grows on gravelly or sandy slopes.

We had the pleasure of going right through a ranch, as that is the way the road went. Desertdale went real slow, when we drove through, as he did not want to raise any more dust then we had to.
It sure look like it was one "big ranch".

Now we arrived at "Diana's Punch Bowl". It look like it was some 30 feet down to the water plus 100ft. across. There sure was no way of getting down to the water. It was only at 183 degrees, a little to hot. Not suitable for humans to bathe in.

Diana's Punch Bowl is about 30 miles southeast of Austin. NV. It is about 9 miles from the ranch we pasted.
Coordinates are N. 39.030 and W. 116.665.

Back in the 1860's there was a stage line in the area.

Got back to our rig at "Spencer's". A very goo stop over. Love that "hot tub. We cleaned it the first day, we were there. Did not get over excited about the other "Hot Springs" . They say there is 4 around the area of Spencer's

We be on the road tomorrow, heading towards Green River area, in Utah.

Enjoy your man. I sure do. Kitfoxgal

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