Tuesday, August 24, 2010

IllIpah Reservoir, We Have Arrived

Good morning to all. We have arrived at Illipah Reservoir yesterday. Just got so busy setting up things, I did not have time to post, as the sun was setting and running out of power.

The first photo was taken in 2008. The second one just yesterday. So then I had time, after all the work DesertDale had lined up for me, to post. Ha!Ha! But once we got set up at our site, you could see several fishermen trying their best to get one of those trout.

The elevation here at Illipah is 6840 ft. There are about 14 sites, with fire pits, tables and some sites have a lean to over them. There is no water, but they do have those things they call vault toilets and trash cans. There are no fees.
GPS: are -115.39413 and 39.33149.

It is are located at the base of White Pine Range, in northeastern NV. The fishing is good all year. Even "Ice Fishing", that is if you don't mind the cold.

You have a chance of catching trout for your "love ones", either rainbow or brown trout. The reservoir is stocked twice a year.
Boaters are restricted to wake less speed. Fishing is permitted around the clock.
This is the same site we had 2 years ago, as we missed last year. The sites are well located. Not looking at the next camper every time you go out side.

This is a site out on Hwy 50. It was a toll station, I think, way back when.

DesertDale has now broken in his "new KTM. He only went about 30 miles this morning. But enjoyed the ride.

It is getting close to lunch time. DesertDale made up some of his "salmon and tuna" qusadiae (not sure how to spell qusadiae) for lunch.

Enjoy your self, no matter one you are doing, Kitfoxgal

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