Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Illipah Res. and Friends

Good morning to all you lovely folks out there. This is going to be a quicky this moring.
Just had to show these photos of our neighbors, who are parked next us at Illiaph.
We had "Happy Hour" with them at their site. They just happen have more shade. Very enjoyable "Happy Hour".

This is Deuce, "King of the Hill", who got to the top first. "The Joker" was taking a little rest before he made it to the top.
This was early in the morning before the sun got hot.

This one show them both. You just have to squint you eyes to see them. We were some distance away when desertDale took the photos.

What a fine morning it is . No clouds and no wind.
DesertDale just left for a bike ride.

Heading to phone services Friday, as we have to make some calls that are important.
Enjoy life. Kitfoxgal

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