Friday, August 27, 2010

Egan Crest Trail We Have Arrived

Good morning. When I wrote this it did look like rain, clouds were havey, wind blowing and it was cooling off. But things have changed. It is now windy but a beautiful day.
That is the same way it look when Carol and Carl arrived at this site back in 2008, as the photo shows. We were here a couble of days. You could even see a rainbow, with Carol viewing it.

We travled all of 30 miles. We departed from our "enjoyable" site at Illipah Res.Plus our 2 friends Duce and Joker.

I almost forgot about our other friends, 2 wild horses. They showed up everyday to sample the green grass.
Have a good day. Will be seeing you down the road. Kitfoxgal

The view you see now is a photo of the Robinson Pit Mine.
The "Goverment" is putting so many "Do's and Don'ts on us. So we don't go around distroy our beautiful land. But they seem to turn their heads on sites llike this.
They allow things like this "open pit mining".
A site like this is not beautifiting our "LAND OF BEAUTY".
Being that the wind is blowing so hard today, the dust is bad, bad.

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