Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lane City, Nevada (Ghost Town)

Good morning to all you lovely folks out there.
We moved early this morning, because the wind is going to be blowing hard later. We are at a reststop on 50 just into Utah. I must say Nevada did not get any of my money, thanks to DesertDale.

Lane City is on HWY. 50, just a few miles out of Ely.
It originally called "Mineral City", in 1869 - 1876. Population of some 600 in 1872.
It was the first camp in the Robinson District. They had a ten-stamp mill, stores, post office, express office, all of 6 saloons, hotels, 4 boarding houses, livery station, black smith and even a restaurant.

Now there is nothing but a few "old dilapidated" buildings standing.

The buildings that are left was built after the 1900's.

Charles Lane purchased the mine in 1896. That is when the name changed to "Lane City". He installed a water ditch, power plant and cyanide mill.

It was all with in a short distance to the mines and railroads.
The post office remained open until 1911.

The copper mine still works around the clock. But if you look on the Net they say it is closed. We see them working every day and night there. So who knows if they are open.

Their wash house at Ruth, NV. is something else. But you can get the washing done. I got there at 7:30a.m. and it was closed. The Man at the bar was out doors. So I asked him what time they open . He said if you are here and what it open then I will open it for you now. That was sweet of him. I got it done.

We are at a rest stop, on 50, east of the board. The wind not bad yet. Kitfoxgal

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