Monday, August 30, 2010

Meadow Hot Springs-"Nudity Not Allowed"Ba!Humbug

We are park right next to this beautifully Green River. Now on with mt story of Meadow Hot Springs.

Good morning to all.
Hello folks. I started this yesterday. We moved so did not have time to post it.
We are now at the Green River site. Will be posting more about Green River on the next posting.

Now I well finish my blog on "Meadow Hot Springs.

Master DesertDale has done it once again. He has us at Meadow Hot Springs. GPS#
N38 51.8776 W112 30.198.

There is room for just a few rigs, as it is on private land. It is not far from I-15.

The springs are from traversing or mineral deposits. It is at real nice temperature of 100.
We have a have a fine view of the Pahvant Mt. Range. The HotSprings are at about 5200 ft.

It is open year around. With ample parking, like I said. It is well used by the local folks.

There are no facilities of any type near by, as you do travel on a gravel road for about 5 miles.

There are 2 other "Hot Springs" in the area also. From what I understand, the one we are at is the best of the three.

We enjoy the visits we had with fellow soakers, at Meadow.

Don't get upset over miner things. Kitfoxgal

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