Thursday, September 02, 2010

Green River---Fun, Fun, Fun

Good afternoon folks. I must say it is one beauty of a day. The nicest day we had in sometime now.
DesertDale and a fellow boondocker went out for a ride, after we came back from town.

Our site at Green River is great, as we get the sun there most of the day. Which is good for the solar panels.

The park in Green River is a real handy spot for the rafters to start from. As Green River is a fine site for the rafters.
There is also a "John Wesley Powell Museum" to go through when in town. Don't miss it

Green River starts in Wyoming. It goes through red rock canyons. Then merges with the Colorado River in Canyonland National Park.

There is good white water rafting on the Green River.
As you can see we had the pleasure of watching some of them go by our camp site. They say it is even praceful enough for floating trips.

Green River, Utah is just off of I-70 and only 45 miles from Arches Park.

Green River is also one fine spot to get any type of melons you want. As they grow them right in the area. Fruit Stands all over the place.

We are not the only "boondockers" here at Green River. There are a few sites here for big rigs. It is so peaceful. The only thing you hear is the river noise and birds singing.

I all most forgot to mention there are mosquitoes to share with any one that whats them.

Hope you all are enjoying your life, as I am. Kitfoxgal.

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