Thursday, September 09, 2010

Green River To Red River, On To Coal Caynon

Good afternoon to all my fine readers out there. Hope you all are enjoying life as I am.

We had a storm up in the hills. Next morning the "Green River" turned to "Red River" as the photos shows.
The photo was taken near the Swasey Launch Ramp, not far from our site.

DesertDale took me for a tour of the "Coal Caynon" area. As always it was quite a ride.
There were a few petroglyphs, not far from were we had to park the truck.
In Utah the region are full of "rock art" or "petroglyphs". The area is full of similar petroglyphs.
The Anasazi lived in the area hundres of years ago and the petroglyphs are still enjoyable to look at.

The site is about 10 miles from our camp site.
DesertDale has not taken me to Price, Utah, as of yet. As there are some petroglyphs or rock art site that are real, real good.

It was all enjoyable at "Coal Canyon" . You had to walk some but that was ok. It was a very relaxing ride. Even if the roads was rough as a tack. We even drove right through melon fields.

Then what realy top it off, was seeing these group of several female "Big Horn Sheep" with their babies.
DesertDale's camera was out of order, so photo not real good. But it was just fun to watch them. They came right across the road, in front of us.

You all take care, until next posting. Kitfoxgal

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