Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goblins At Goblin Valley State Park

Good afternoon folks. We left the "goblin" area as the sun was rising. Now parked at Otter Creek Res. site.

That is the one and only "Kitfoxgal". DesertDale took the photo while I enjoyed the "Goblins".

We arrived at a site , near, the Goblin Valley State Park daybefore yesterday.Oh! what a fantastic sight there was in the park. There just isn't the right words for the views you get of all those "Goblins"

At the Vistor Center they charged $7 for the day use pass. Believe me it is will worth every penny of it. Bring a lunch along, as you may want to have lunch in the picnic area.

The stone shapes at the Goblin Valley is the result from millions of years. They are made of "entrada Sandtone" that conset of debris eraded from former highlands and redeposted here on a tidal flat.
They are neat to view as you walk through the "goblin" area.
I look for them to close the area you can walk through. As you can see the parts that are getting to lose the view of the goblins.

The vegitaion is limited in the desert, as the animals have a be strong enough to exist on the water they received from what plants they eat.
In 1964 it did become a state park.

Our site at the "Otter Creek Res.,as you can see, is near the water.


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