Thursday, September 23, 2010

Capital Reef and Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Good morning to all you fine readers out there. DesertDale is on the run once again. We are getting closer to Flagstaff. We are now parked in Kanab, at Skip's place.
DesertDale took me to Capital Reef's one day. Then on to those beautiful Coral Pink Sand Dunes the next.

At the Capital Reef they do warn you that the Grand Wash and Capitol Gorge are subject to flash floods.
There is just so much to see in the Fruita area. Such as The Blacksmith Shop, The Gifford House, The Petroglphs, Ripple Rock Nature Center, The School House and there is the Orchard of course where you can pick as much fruit as you can eat there. If you want to pick the fruit to take with you there is a small fee.

There are 4 easy routes, 3 moderate routes and 8 strenuous routes. Hiking routes are not trails and are not maintained.

There is also a 16 mile round trip drive. If you are lucky you might see a golden eagle or a desert bighorn.

Now on to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, that is the next day.

Again what a fantastic site. The Sand Dunes are created by 3 factors: sand, high wind and a unique influence upon the high winds.
At the Coral Pink Dunes a notch between the Moquish and Moccasin mountains causes this influence. It is know as "Venturi Effect"

You can walk up to one on the highest dunes, as you can see in one of the photos.
There is a camping area adjunct to the dunes.
There is 1/2 mile nature tail.
Bring a lunch if you plan on staying that long as they do have picnic table setting around the area.
It is a fun adventure.

Lunch time at the DesertDale's house hold. Kitfoxgal

There are some 1200 acres of open riding area for the OHV people.

It is lunch time at the DesertDale's Household. So take care until the next posting. Kitfoxgal

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