Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flagstaff, We Made It.

Good afternoon to all my readers.
We had one fine stay at Kenab, Utah. Our host Skip and Sandy was so "gracious" on our stay.
They have one fine home here in Kenab.
Plus I loved all the "Coke Cola"memorabilia" Sandy has.  She has much more then I could count.

They had a problem under the kitchen sink, that Skip's son-in-law is fixing for them. He knows what he was doing.  Between him and Skip , they will have it fixed as good as new.

Now on to our Flagstaff stop.

It took us a few days to get to this point. But what sites, I had the pleasure, of seeing was A1.

Flagstaff is about 6905 ft. So winter are on the cool side.
It has wildflowers in summer and of course that cool stuff they call "snow" in the winter.
It was named Flagstaff in 1881.
The early industries was the timber, sheep and cattle.
The railroad reached the town in 1882.

One nice drive is a 54 scenic miles on SR89A. It begins in Flagstaff and ends in Jerome.
The road is not recommended for vehicles pulling trailers. Most of us boondockers are out of luck there.

We are now at our Flagstaff site, with fellow boondockers.  It took a few days to get to this point. But what a fine site .  Not far from Flagstaff.   Plus we have great company at our sight.

We even had the pleasure of hearing the "Elk" howling last night.
(photo from google.)
It has been cool at night , low 80 day time at 6,905 ft.  So I think winter is on it's way. As that cool stuff they call snow will be here before long.

It has wildflowers  all around us.

Flagstaff was named in 1881.  The early industries was timber, sheep and cattle. 
The railroad reached the town in1882.
The town grew up around the railroad and has many historic building that dates back to the 1800's.

One nice drive is about 54 scenic miles of SR89A.  It begin in Jerome.  The road is not recommended for vehicles that are pulling a trailer.  Most of it us are out of luck there, us we leave our tokes behind.

There is much to do in the area on hiking to hunting, fishing and camping. 
We went into town this morning to do the washing and shopping.  When came back there was several runs running down the back road to our camp site.

What ever you do it is a great area for relaxation.

The men got back from their ride. 25 miles of fun they had.
Now it is "Happy Hour Time".  Time to have a soda or tea and tell each other story's.

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