Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A-1 Mountain's Adventure Is Coming To A End

 Good morning folks.  It has one great adventure, here at our A-1 Mountain campsite, with fellow boondockers.  Although they have had a problem with their rig.  They have in the repair shop and should be back at our site today.
We had the pleasure of hearing the elk call out and turkey's also.
Desertdale and Bill have road their bikes.
Happy Hour time has been great.

We have seen hunters come and go. 
The elk hunting rules 2010 OTC non permit-tag season dates vary from last year.  Here's hoping everyone has bad aiming at any game they are hunting.

If you are considering buying a 2010 over-the-counter elk non permit-tag, you are advised to thoroughly review the 2010 Pronghorn Antelope and Elk Hunt Draw Information regulations booklet posted at, so you can review the changes from 2009 before you purchase.
Hunters must also download the 2010 Informational
Handout (below) for additional information on boundary descriptions, maps of hunting areas, season dates, frequently asked questions, and more. Hunters are encouraged to keep this supplement and the regulations with them when hunting.  (copy this from goggle)
These are just a few of the rules you must fellow here in Arizona.

The birds are plenty.  Ravens has made a show of their self.  Plus the Blue Birds and the Stellar Jay's, who are very colorful.
They are dark, black and blue bird with a long crest.  The foreparts, wings, tail and belly a deep blue.
They are woodlands in the Rockies and the Pacific.

This is a great site.  We may even change our mines and stay a few more days.  As from the what we hear on the news it is still hot, hot in the Yuma area.

Time to say so-long for now.  Kitfoxgal

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