Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lava River Cave Adventure

 Good morning to all my "fine" readers out there, in this land of beauty.

DesertDale took me on one of his fantastic rides again.  This time it was to
"Lava River Cave."  It is about 13 miles from our site.
The cave is about 7000,000 years old, when the "Hart Praire" erupted.  It said on the sign it was 32 degees inside the caves.

There are steps that were made out of the lava rocks to enter the cave,that is 3/4 mile long.  You have to go in and out the same way.
You can get more info at:Google-coconino national forest-lava river

Graffiti was removed from the site on 9-18-2010 by a group of volunteers.  As the walls of the cave had been "spay painted recenty by some inconsiderate people who do not appreciate the beauty of the out doors."
I would personally like to "Thank" the people that did a fantastic job of cleaning the graffiti up.

These are some plants was not far from our boondocking site.  The are a brilliant pink color when the first bloom.  Then slowly turn to a light tan color.  We just never did find out what they are. 
They such a pretty plant, I thought I would post a photo of them

Belive it or not but that white thing up in the sky called clouds is hiding the sun.  So will end this blog for now. 
Take care.  Kitfoxgal

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