Sunday, October 03, 2010

Blake Ranch Rd. Site In Kingman, AZ.

Good morning to all my lovely readers out there, in this land of beauty.
There is so much beauty to see in our own country to see, such as the 2 photos I have posted below.

This is one DesertDale took at our, A-1 Mountain site.

 This is another one DesertDale took, then added another with it in "photo shop".  I am not sure how he did it but it came out real good.

It has been great being parked at our site near Kingman, AZ., as you can see by the top photo.  As you can see it has a great view.
All I can say "We have not had to use the dam heater" time, since we have arrived here from our A-1Mountain site.

Kingman was founded in 1882.  It is the county seat for Mohave County, AZ.
Population around 28,000.
In "World War II " Kingman was the site of a U.S. Army Air Force Airfield. 
It was a busy little town back then.

Well folks I guess I had better close for now, that is if I want to go spend some of that money DesertDale has be hiding from me.  Ha!Ha!


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