Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Scrub Jay and Our Adventure at Kingman

 Good morning to all.  Hope your night was not as wet as our night was.  It rain for about 7 hours, off and on.  At times it rained so hard you could not see anything out the windows.  It sounded like someone was on the motorhome beating the hell out of it. 
So we got up this morning and took off down the road.  First stop was to a truck stop for breakfast at the Iron Skillet in Kingman.  DesertDale does not do that often, take me to breakfast.   We both had a "Omelets".  Would you know it "That was the worst breakfast I ever had".  All I can say we will never eat there again.
This photo of a "Western Scrub Jay"  that parked his self just out side our rig at our Kingman site.
In recent times they have been found as far at the Puget Sound area in Washington.
They can become tame in urban areas and they come to bird feeders, if you put one out.  They are a social type of bird.
The Blue Jays are not the same as Scrub Jays.
The Scrub Jays are a very common bird.  There are 5 species of them.  All but the Uniform Jay are found north of Mexico.
Love to watch them when we are out on the road.  As far as that goes any feather friend is enjoyable to watch.

We are now park for the day at "Craggy Wash" near Lake Havasu. Not a bad site.
Take care.  Kitfoxgal

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