Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Parker Pecker

Good afternoon to all.  We had a stop-over at Parker, AZ.
Parker is near the Colorado River, on the Colorado River Indian Tribe Reservation.  It over looks the Colorado River. 
It had it's first in 1871.  The reservation was established in 1865.
It was officially Incorporated in 1948.  Then became the county seat in 1982.
The photo is just a view, from our site of the Parker Pecker.

This is a photo DesertDale took at Craggy Wash, our last stop.
It is of a "Cactus Wren".  It lives in thorn-scrub country of the desert Southwest.  Sexes are similar.
3 spices live in North America and 4 species in Mexico.
It is Arizona states bird..
The upper part are brownish with scattered white eye stripe, long brown tail with some black spots.
It is the largest wren in North America.
We enjoyed watching them near our camp site at "Craggy Wash."

Well folks it seems like we are back home , here at our Parker site.  The thing that is missing is the gang that parks here at Thanksgiving time.  Well be glad to see the bunch of boondockers then.
Oops!! I almost forgot we will not see them at Thanksgiving this, as we are going to San Diego to be with DesertDale's daughter and son, who is coming out here from North Carolina..

I must close this off, as DesertDale is saying it is "nape time". 
Ha!Ha! That well not make any difference if I am not finished with what I am doing.  I must say he is one sweet person. 
He is reading, that is what he is really doing.


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