Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sidewinder, We Are Home

Good afternoon to all my readers out there.  What a joy it was to set up our site at Sidewinder, near Yuma. Here are a few photos of the past, showing you the way we enjoy  Sidewinder .

 This is DesertDale with our hummingbird feeder.  Plus antelope squirrel at his feet.

A little kit fox that came to visit one night.  They always leave a "calling card" every night.  Just have to make sure you don't step in it the next morning.

These, of course, are finches that will stop by at any time.

Then, of course our rig.  Which we had not even set up yet.
We enjoy  Sidewinder even with its faults.  For instance the road.  They really screwed that up in the middle of it.  Then there is that wind problem, it is always blowing.  Of course the trains.  They don't bother me as I lived around them all my life. Even, all 3 of my husbands worked for the railroad and that was S.P.  Then I worked 15 years for the railroad credit union,  in Roseville,      
I just have to over look all the disadvantage there is at Sidewinder. 
I think one reason I enjoy it so much is that it was one of the first sitesDesertDale
 took me to.

Last night we sat out on our fake lawn and enjoyed the moonlight and talked .  Plus a nice tall, cool drink, which DesertDale  fixed for us.

We did have a fantastic stay at A-1 Mountain and Kingman, even with the  tornado that hit Belmont , the next day after we were there at CampingWorld.  That was some rain storm we had there, at our Kingman site.

It is lunch time once again.  So long for now. Kitfoxgal                   

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