Monday, October 11, 2010

A Riding He Will Go

Good morning folks.  We finely got our site in order, here at our Sidewinder site.  We have been here many of times but it seems like it takes us as much time to set things up as it did the first time.  
We have birds stop by and visit every day. Plus the kitfoxs, when the want to, As they forgot us last night.  But they did not forget to leave their calling card, after we went inside.

DesertDale is getting ready for his morning ride, off into those hills you see.

The Ogilby Hills are in the Imperial County.
There was a postoffice here in 1890 to 1895.
It lies along the U.P. tracks and east of Algodones Dunes.
There is a historic cemetery southwest of the tracks.

DesertDale is just coming back from his ride, off into those hills.  He went some 30 miles. 

The  breeze is blowing, just enough to make it nice and cool.

We also visited Stan Huggy Bear and Mikki yesterday.  They are at RockyHorse R.V. Park.

Take care.  Hope you all enjoying life as much as I do with DesertDale. Kitfoxgal

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