Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bike Riders Ride Again

 Good afternoon to all my readers out there.  It has turned out to be a breeze day.  Good thing our "bike riders" left early this morning.

Virgina and Kitfoxgal got to visit for a few hours while the "riders" was gone.

Dick and DesertDale went on their last ride for 46 miles down the pole line.  Then came back in a 5 mile "virgin sand wash", not track in the wash.  Then DesertDale took Dick around the mountain.  There they hit a wash on the Indian Res.  But enjoyed it all.

I hated to give you some info  on what a "sand wash" was, soI looked up sand wash on the Internet and this is the info I got.

The process of washing fabric or a garment with sand to soften and distress the look of the fabric.
I am sure that is not what they call a virgin sand wash.  It is on with no tracks in it.

 This is the riders leaving this morning on their next adventure.

This little gut Virgina is taking care of so we do not steep on it at            "Happy Hour Time"  .  It set right in front of their rig.

I check "Spot" and it looks like the guys will be in for lunch time.  So will close this time around to get lunch started.  Kitfoxgal.

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