Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bingo We Will Go

 Good morning to all.  We are enjoying one fine morning , out here at our desert site.  We can hear the birds singing.  Plus DesertDale had the pleasure of having the kitfoxes come in last night. 

Mikki and Kitfoxgal went to the "Paradise Casino" in Yuma to play Bingo.  We enjoyed our self's so much we donated all our money to the casino.  It seems like the callers the have there, never change as the same ones called this year as last year.  I must say the main caller is a little on the cute side.

I had the pleasure of receiving a pen, that Mikki made.  As you must know Oct.  is Brest Cancer month.  "Thank you " so much Mikki. The U.P. is laying track at the Ogilby crossing.  Had the road closed for 3 days.  Now they are going to be closing the Sidewinder crossing on the 28.
A lot of hard work is being down.

DesertDale is starting lunch. So will be signing off for now.  Kitfoxgal

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