Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Secretariat, One Fine Movie

Good morning floks.

We have had a very enjoyable "Happy Hours" with Dick and Virgina the last few days. Hope we will have a few more before one us deside to move on down the road..

It is such a fine morning that DesertDale went for his morning rode early. He was on the road by 8a.m. Or I should on the trails my 8a.m.

DesertDale even treated me to the movies yesterday, after we left Dick's and Virgina's place, at Happy Hour.

We went to see"Secretareat". What a fine movie it turned out to be.

It is about the life of Penny Chenery, owner of Secreariat. A Triple Crown winner in 1973.
Secretariat was born in March of 1970. Penny Chenery got the horse by flipping a coin with her co-owner.
The horse was naned "Big red" at first, then they changed it to Secretariat later.
He lived to be 19.
I would recommend this movie for anyone too see.
(photo was from Goggle)

Will folks going have to sign off for now, as the clouds have arrived.


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