Monday, November 29, 2010

"The M A S H Brewing Club"

Good after to all my readers
My Grandson-in-law makes his own beer plus grow his own hops.  He is a member of the M A S H Brew Club, in Oliverhust, Ca.
Tom is holding the "keg" and other members , Mc  Clain and Nunes, are helping him pour the brew into a glass caby, then adding their yeast, in Tom's garage.  It was his inaugural  mash brew.
He has been doing this for some 9 years now.  One member, Mc Clain, has been at for about 4 months and Nunes just a few weeks.
They have hope too build off each others knowledge and ideas  and other brewers knowledge.

The  site for more info is:

What ever gives you pleasure, have fun doing it.

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