Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bird Watching At Cabrillo and More

Hello to all you fine folks out there.  We had one fantastic Thanksgiving at DesertDale's,  daughter's home in El Cajon.

I must say I put on a few extra pounds.  I guess that just means DesertDale has more to get a hold of. Ha!  They were happy extra lbs.  As Colleen, Ken, Jamie and of course Steve kept us well fed.

Our  "Bird Watching" at Santee Lake was enjoyed by Ken, DesertDale, Colleen, Jamie and myself.
This is the one and only family of DesertDale.  The one person who is missing is no-other them Tammie.
 This is Juan Cabrillo was the first European to set foot on the west coast. 
 This happen to be a photo of the "Old Point Loma Light House".   It is a reminder of how different things were years ago.  There was a dedicated keeper on duty 24 hours a day and  seven days week.
In 1851 the U.S. selected this headland as the site for a navigational aid.
This is a view of the new lighthouse.
The park is only open in the day light hours of.  There is a  trail to walk that passes through sage scrub  and remnants of our defense system that helped protected during World War 1 and 2.
Love seeing this "Little Guy"looking for something to eat.   DesertDale took with his new camera.
The next day just Colleen, Ken and DesertDale went "Bird Watching" at Cabrillo.  Where they not only had the pleasure of bird watching but also enjoyed other sites such as the photos show above.

There is a visitor center that has films and gift shop.  It enjoyable to go through.

Lunch time has arrived at our site at Kitfox Lane.  As we came here yesterday afternoon because of the approaching storm.


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