Friday, November 26, 2010

Bird Watching At Lake Santee

This is a "Great Blue Heron" taken at Lake Santee.

Good morning to all my readers. 
What busy days we have been having here in El Cajon.  Seen Carol and Carl on one day .  They are not parked to far from our site, about 15 miles down the road.

Ken taking a photo of some catus
DesertDale ,Ken his son and Colleen went bird watching at at Santee Lake.   It is good for a father to do things with his children , no matter how old they are.
Ken came from N. Carolina and Jamie lives right here in El Cajon . The three of them had a fine Thanksgiving dinner for us all.
DesertDale once again made his dressing and grave. Yum! Yum!
Mallard duck that DesertDale had the pleasure of shooting.  Great job even if I say so myself. 
Kitfoxgal wanted a care-free-day by her self. She took a walk down the road.  Stop and had lunch and looked through the "99 Cent Store."

(photo from goggle)
In 1927 Santee was primary use was for agriculture to 1940.  Then when the dam was built Santee was a fast growing town in the San Diego area.
The Lake is open Monday to Thursday from 8a.m to dusk. On Friday to Sunday 6a.m. to dusk. 
A great site for bird watching.  There is camping, cabins, fishing, picnicking and most out door events.

After their  bird watching event home for lunch.

Like I said "It has been one joyous adventure.
More on our "Bird Watching " Adventure at Point Loma" on next posting.

Love this "Boondocking"life style.

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