Sunday, November 14, 2010

Moon Over Parker

Good moning to all you fine people out there.

We had one enjoyable "Happy Hour" at Quartzsite, on our last day there.

There was Chuck and his wife, who had just arrived for Happy Hour.  Dick and Virgina, DesertDales riding buddy.  Jerry and Nancy , who makes spinners out of beer cans and Nancy enjoy beading with Virgina.  She is also hiding in the red chair.  Of course DesertDale , with his new cowboy hat  and the Kitfoxgal, who is taking pitcures.

Next morning Desertdale and Kitfoxgal was on their way to Parker.  Where Craig was at keeping the home fire burning.
Now the part of the "Moon Rising Over Parker".
DesertDale playing with his camera once again.  He sure has been enjoying it.
Now its time for the most importan part of "Moon Over Parker".  DesertDlae loves playing with his new Nikon  camera.  He has been taking so fantastic photos with it. Plus learning how to work those fancy controls it has on it. "Moon Over Parker" is one of them I want to share with my readers.  He can not wate for a full moon to rise.
Current Moon Phase
(photo from Googgle)
As you can see in one of the photos DesertDale is currently working on his pick-up, cleanin the filters on it.

Enjoy the week-end.  Kitfoxgal

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