Monday, November 08, 2010

Raiders Won 17-14, Horay!!!! Horay!!!!

The Raiders won, 17-14 .  Maybe they are going to come back to the     "Stabler Days" , of long ago.   (thanks to Goggle for the photo)

Hello folks.  Things are in the lay-back mode right now. What a fine way to go at times.  DesertDale keeps be on my toes through.
We have a site not far from Dick and Virgina. Also  Jerry and Nancy are not far from our site near Dome Rock.
Quartzsite was established as a stag stop in 1866.  Now it is famous for its annual rock, gem and mineral shows.  Plus over a million of visitors and and the RV  crowd arrive in late Nov. and on in to jan.

Had a A-1 dinner at Dick's and Virgina site.  Jerry and Nancy was also there.
Virgina and Nancy brewed up the whole dinner. Um, Um, Good!!!and I mean good.  All I had to do was set and enjoy the meal.
I want to "Think them both."  Also must "Thank" Virgina and Dick for asking DesertDale and Kitfoxgal too joining them.

It has turned out to be a windy day, so Dick and DesertDale did not go for there morning ride. 
Desertdale took me shopping at the big town of Quartzsite.  We bought a few nick-nacks and headed back to our site.  Where Craig Kite was visiting with Dick.  Craig just stop by for a visit then.  Then he went back to Parker.

It is lunch time. 
Enjoy life.  Kitfoxgal

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