Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Breakfast At Mt. Quail Cafe, Then Adventure Time

DesertDale treated me to breakfast at Mt. Quail Cafe, in Quartzsite.  As we came out of our rig,near Dome Rock,  there was this coyote, with a empty bottle of water in his mouth.  He stud there long enough for DesertDale to get his camera and snap this photo.  Then off in the hills he went.
 Then the adventure started, not far from our site, is the "Gold Mine" site.
Mr. Erdman worked his mine some 63 years.
Mexicans went to steal his gold.  He was down in his mine and the could not get to him.  So they ended up burning his house  up.
This was his entrance to his mine, which was inside his cabin.
This is some of the artifact's around his home or what left of it.
Now for the Deere Run Resort adventure.  What a ride that was to get to it.  "Hold on to your hats."  It was more fun the then the one to the mine.
Now this is a resort area tha everyone should see called "Deere Run Resort"
.  It opened in 2008.  You should have a 4W, a quad, I guess a motorcycle would do, as that is what DesertDale and Dick had.  They made it back to our site, all in one piece.

I love this grave site.

Hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I did the ride.  Kitfoxgal

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